Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Since I won't have enough time to say it later, here it is now....

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope 2 c u in the spiral!!
love & joy,
Rylee Stormgem

Gift Card:

Hi, there. I got a new Gift card with the SNEAKY PIGGLE and the TOATALLY AWESOME-but rare, u knew that-DRAGONBLADE!!

There, I said it.
Why the short posting??
Oh well.
PS: say hi to my new piggle, Duncan. :)

uh, hi......

hi, uh....
that's all i'm saying.
-Rylee =-) are the house photos!! (diddn't get The balance house photo)


Saturday, December 19, 2009


I just found a picture of me at level 29 that I thaught was Spectacular.


Whare I am, It's 3 in the morning. (The clock below this post is probably wrong.) I am KIND OF sleepy, because, well, yesterday I was freaking out on what I got on my scince test (I got a B-. :( ). Yeah I got a B-. That's Stupid. I put my whole day into that.

I just found out that the SCHOOL HOUSES ARE OUT FOR, LIKE, 5700 CROWNS (why so Expencive?) and that the NEW WHITE TIGER MOUNT IS HERE!!!!!! It's really cool, but I only have somthing like 950 crowns. I need to get another gift card at the store.....

oh well. Bye-ya!!

- Rylee :)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


The Friendly Necromancer is a friend on my friends list on Moshi
monsters!! This is Sweet!!

JOIN NOW. I'll become YOUR friend on the site.


When I should be typing:

Since I almost never have time to post, here is when new post SHOULD pop in:

Any night, (hopefully) at a certain night time between 8-midnight, EST. (normally not midnight.)

There you have it.

Moshi Monsters ROCK!!!!

Ok, a few days ago, I found a website called Moshi Monsters, and It is just so cool. I have to say it. It is. It may sound babyish to you, but belive me. It is.

So, when you log on, you are asked to pick a monster. (U can choose from a hairy guy, a dead guy, a flying cherry, a cute thing that looks like a hamster, and a bunny who likes Karate.) I chose the bunny. Yep- odd. You level up, when you play a DAILY CHALLANGE (witch isn't much of a challange) and earn the type of money they give you. They're caled: ROX. (spelt that way and pernounced that way.) You get, like, 90 if you get somthing like 2 questions wrong. If not, you get somthing like 110. YOU GET PHAT CASH EASILY.

My bunny's name is Sam the storm bunny. (see picture above.) His fur is in the colors of storm magic. Duh. It's a Schol spiritual thing. You knew. Yup, you did. (that was dumb.)

Come and join this WAY-COOL website already! IT'S CUTE!!

- Rylee :)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mooshu ROCKS!!

I was lost in Mooshu today.

A few days ago, I teleported to the diviner of myth (she's a good friend of mine) for no good reason. I woke up this morning, and found myself thhere in that same spot in the Jade palace. While i was there, i explored some villages. I can't belive a intire village has caught on fire!!!

What's the mane of that willage?? I forget.


Friday, December 4, 2009

The Picture of my Pet Dark Fairy:

I just love those little Faries, and yes, even those pure evil ones.

- Rylee :)

The Nutcracker that I just Baught is a toatal rip off

I just baught a nutcracker at a store and one of It's feet broke off. How Stupid? It's hat Cracked. It's teeth can't move, and one of his arms is falling off. Nutcrackers are cheap.

Since it is almost Christmas, I am waering My Elf hat as I speak. I mean, Who Dosn't love a cute little Elf Hat???

Nobody should. If you don't like Elf Hats, you have no Christmas Spirit, you Warthogs.

I don't get it-is "santa claus" real? I mean, How could a Really Fat Dude fit down a teeny tiny chimney?? And if he could, would't there be alot of sut??

That's another Mystery to be solved!!

- Rylee :)

I renamed my Pet Fairy

Today I was online and named my cute little pet fairt Isabella.

Uh....... That's all I got. Bye!!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

A few photos

A Close up on Sir Reginald Baxby (cool)

Megan's Triton spell (Sick)

Me, standing on my BFF Megan's Head (Odd....)

Don't ask how I got there.

Oh well. Bye!


Natlie's MS picture

I've Talked about Miss Natilie Dawnblossom, I have, right??

Well, Just incase I diddn't, here is her MS picture:

Hope she likes it!!

-Rylee :)

I love to MS paint!!

It's my favorite hobby becides Wizard 101...........

here it is!!!

(Yup, I drew that.)


(PS: if you want, I could make you one. Just ask me.)

Nightshade's Chest FOUND!!!

I FOUND IT!! Sweetness. (This is whare I found My pet Dark Fairy.)

well, bye now!!

Nightshade's Chest FOUND!!!

Getting ready for Christmas:

Why, Isn't that Awesome!!


My new look is here now!! Fancy-Shmancy

Do you like it?? I was just playing around with my settings until I found out how to put all of this stuff on. Just to let u know.


What Should I do with My Myth Wizard??

I have a little Myth wizard on My account and I have no clue what to do with her. She's only Level 3. Should I delete her? Or play with her more? What do you think?

Please leave me a comment telling what I should do. Thank u!!

- Rylee :)

How long has it ben??

Is it December or somthing? I haven't ben Writing Posts 'till somthing like September.

Well, Hello Again. I just helped my Friend Jacob Darkstone Defeat Loard Nightshade. Yay, Jacob!! He Turned Level 15 and I got the Dark Fairy Pet. (witch is the pet I have ben LONGING to get since I joined Wizard 101 and Heard about it.) Her name was TOATALLY RANDOM and ended up being somthing like Prince Simpson or Duke Simon. I don't know. I'll half to Check.

BTW, I am now level 33!! AND I got the Downpour Spell. (or is it somthing diffrent?) AND I got the Tempest Spell. AND, I have a new Friend, who's name is Natilie Dawnblossom, AND I have another one, Brand Blood, who is a Pyromancer. AND-Why do I keep saying "and"? I have nothing else good to say.

Brr, I'm cold. Wierd. I'm in my house and it's somthing like 67 degrees in here. I REALLY shouldn't be cold. Wait-why am I talking about me being cold? You probably don't care.

I bet right now, Jacob is happy and in Krokotopia. And guess waht else??

i have nothing else to say. Bye!!

- Rylee :)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poll Time!!! (4 Diviners)

Hiya, Agian!!

I have just finnished my Last post about Jeane Simmons, and I have some polls 4 U Diviners Only. (WARNING: THIS IS 4 DIVINERS ONLY AND YOU CAN TLL BECAUSE I SAID THE NUMBER 4 INSTEAD OD FOR!!! MHUHAHAHAHA!!!)

Q. 1: What is a Better Combo for the colors Purple and Yellow???

A. Purple and Golden (Witch Makes Me Think Of Puke.)
B. Light Green and Purple (Witch is good 4 Those who has chosen Life 4 Thier Second School)
C. Light Purple and Black (Goth Diviner)
D. Yellow and Pink (Toatally Random)
E. Green and Blue (Thamaturger/Cyrus Drake / Pinkie Pie Pony / Goffy Spanish Clown dude)

Q.2: What Would look The Craziest on Professor Balestrom?

A. A tutu and A HUGE pink Bow With Lizards and Camels All over it.
B. A Cowboy Outfit
C. A Tie-Die Shirt, Carco Pants and Solid-Silver Platform Shoes
D. A Big Bird Costume
E. A Purple Frog with a Green Suit (cuz' you know he's a green frog with a purple suit.....heheh..)

Or.....ah, Never Mind. That was a Bad idea.


Q.3: Witch School is Storm's Pure-Evil Weakness?

A. Myth
B. Myth
C. Myth
D. Myth
E. Myth
F. Myth

( I threw an extra one in there to throw you off track. DOUBLE HEHEHEH!!!)

If You Guessed None of These, YOUR'E CORRECT!!! (It's A Trick Question, Triple heheheheh!!!)

Well, to all those Counjourors, I am Truly Sorry. You, for one,(I can't Belive I'm Saying This...**sniff**) ARE NOT PURE EVIL!!

**I smack My judge Mallet, All Diviners GASP with Anger and Throw Pies at me**

You Peeps are All wizards like us. I am TRULLY SORRY. (I kindof REALLY DO MEAN IT!! )

So for The last Time, I apolagize.
AND....... It's also time for me to go to bed. IT'S 12:05!!! GASP!!!

-Rylee :)

Good News. YAY!!

Hello Diviners of All ages.

Guess What Happened to me this weekend?(....or was it last weekend? Well, I don't know.) The Good News Keeps Comin'!!

During The Past Few Days I was Stroling along With my BFFTFOF(Best friend forever till forever of forever) Megan Bluemask, when I said; "Hey, Megs, Let's Go heck out the temple of Storms!!" and then she was like,"OK." and then I was Strolling along Till I entered The Temple, BEATED KROKOPATRA W/ MEGGY, and BECAME LEVEL 28 and ENTERED MARLEYBONE.


I Am Very Proud of Me, as You can Tell.

And Guess What Else??


(Incase You Haven't Already noticed, Now I am more Exited Than Ever Before.) So yeah, The Mounts are coming, Right? I am so freaking out right Now. You can choose Between a Horse,(To all you Life Wizards Out There, There's A White one that looks Like a Unicorn!!) A Dragon, A Cat, and A Broom. (Isn't That What Witches Do? Drive on Floating Brooms??) Anyways, I Can't Dicide Between a Brown horse or a Dragon of some sort. WHAT DO YOU THINK?????

So Yeah. Today I have learned That Mounts are Beautiful. I have Also Learned That Marleybone is Beautiful. I have Also, ALSO Learnd That It Is Impossable To Rock Marleybone Like Jeane Simmons, From the Ever-so Populear Band, Kiss, That My Friend Kevin is a Mainiac Over. (Did I spell; Jeane simmons Right?? If I did, I apolagize. I must look in a Dictonary.)

That's All I can Say Now, Wizards.

Love to all,
Rylee :)
(PS: I swear to Mooshu, I will look in a Dictonary soon.)

Saturday, September 19, 2009


I would Like To Say Congratz To My Friend Molly, a level 3 Life Wizard, For Joining w101. You Rock Molly, and Happy Wizarding!!!

I would Also like To Say, That Today is My Dragon, Patchs' 1st B-day!! YAY, PATCH!!

Your Queen,
Rylee :)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I Forgot Somthing......UHHH....

In My First Entry I forgot To Tell you My First Name.....Sorry. My Bad. It's RYLEE STORMGEM.



Hello, all,

My name is Stormgem. I am a level 27 Diviner who proudly calls herself the "The Queen of Divanation". I love Marleybone, and I'm Anxious to get there. (Can one of you readers find me and show me around or somthing?)

I love Piggles as mutch as I love Marleybone. My first piggle Just Gave Birth. THAT, my friends, Is one of the reasons. (did I spell "reasons" Wrong? I have bad Vocabulary.) The other reason is beause They are SO DARN CUTE!!!! Well, Duh.

I need More crowns, Bad. Does anyone have a code that can get me some??? If You Do, Please Send The Code To Me.

Your Queen,
Rylee :)