Saturday, September 26, 2009

Poll Time!!! (4 Diviners)

Hiya, Agian!!

I have just finnished my Last post about Jeane Simmons, and I have some polls 4 U Diviners Only. (WARNING: THIS IS 4 DIVINERS ONLY AND YOU CAN TLL BECAUSE I SAID THE NUMBER 4 INSTEAD OD FOR!!! MHUHAHAHAHA!!!)

Q. 1: What is a Better Combo for the colors Purple and Yellow???

A. Purple and Golden (Witch Makes Me Think Of Puke.)
B. Light Green and Purple (Witch is good 4 Those who has chosen Life 4 Thier Second School)
C. Light Purple and Black (Goth Diviner)
D. Yellow and Pink (Toatally Random)
E. Green and Blue (Thamaturger/Cyrus Drake / Pinkie Pie Pony / Goffy Spanish Clown dude)

Q.2: What Would look The Craziest on Professor Balestrom?

A. A tutu and A HUGE pink Bow With Lizards and Camels All over it.
B. A Cowboy Outfit
C. A Tie-Die Shirt, Carco Pants and Solid-Silver Platform Shoes
D. A Big Bird Costume
E. A Purple Frog with a Green Suit (cuz' you know he's a green frog with a purple suit.....heheh..)

Or.....ah, Never Mind. That was a Bad idea.


Q.3: Witch School is Storm's Pure-Evil Weakness?

A. Myth
B. Myth
C. Myth
D. Myth
E. Myth
F. Myth

( I threw an extra one in there to throw you off track. DOUBLE HEHEHEH!!!)

If You Guessed None of These, YOUR'E CORRECT!!! (It's A Trick Question, Triple heheheheh!!!)

Well, to all those Counjourors, I am Truly Sorry. You, for one,(I can't Belive I'm Saying This...**sniff**) ARE NOT PURE EVIL!!

**I smack My judge Mallet, All Diviners GASP with Anger and Throw Pies at me**

You Peeps are All wizards like us. I am TRULLY SORRY. (I kindof REALLY DO MEAN IT!! )

So for The last Time, I apolagize.
AND....... It's also time for me to go to bed. IT'S 12:05!!! GASP!!!

-Rylee :)

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