Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moshi Monsters ROCK!!!!

Ok, a few days ago, I found a website called Moshi Monsters, and It is just so cool. I have to say it. It is. It may sound babyish to you, but belive me. It is.

So, when you log on, you are asked to pick a monster. (U can choose from a hairy guy, a dead guy, a flying cherry, a cute thing that looks like a hamster, and a bunny who likes Karate.) I chose the bunny. Yep- odd. You level up, when you play a DAILY CHALLANGE (witch isn't much of a challange) and earn the type of money they give you. They're caled: ROX. (spelt that way and pernounced that way.) You get, like, 90 if you get somthing like 2 questions wrong. If not, you get somthing like 110. YOU GET PHAT CASH EASILY.

My bunny's name is Sam the storm bunny. (see picture above.) His fur is in the colors of storm magic. Duh. It's a Schol spiritual thing. You knew. Yup, you did. (that was dumb.)

Come and join this WAY-COOL website already! IT'S CUTE!!

- Rylee :)

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