Sunday, September 13, 2009


Hello, all,

My name is Stormgem. I am a level 27 Diviner who proudly calls herself the "The Queen of Divanation". I love Marleybone, and I'm Anxious to get there. (Can one of you readers find me and show me around or somthing?)

I love Piggles as mutch as I love Marleybone. My first piggle Just Gave Birth. THAT, my friends, Is one of the reasons. (did I spell "reasons" Wrong? I have bad Vocabulary.) The other reason is beause They are SO DARN CUTE!!!! Well, Duh.

I need More crowns, Bad. Does anyone have a code that can get me some??? If You Do, Please Send The Code To Me.

Your Queen,
Rylee :)

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