Thursday, December 3, 2009

How long has it ben??

Is it December or somthing? I haven't ben Writing Posts 'till somthing like September.

Well, Hello Again. I just helped my Friend Jacob Darkstone Defeat Loard Nightshade. Yay, Jacob!! He Turned Level 15 and I got the Dark Fairy Pet. (witch is the pet I have ben LONGING to get since I joined Wizard 101 and Heard about it.) Her name was TOATALLY RANDOM and ended up being somthing like Prince Simpson or Duke Simon. I don't know. I'll half to Check.

BTW, I am now level 33!! AND I got the Downpour Spell. (or is it somthing diffrent?) AND I got the Tempest Spell. AND, I have a new Friend, who's name is Natilie Dawnblossom, AND I have another one, Brand Blood, who is a Pyromancer. AND-Why do I keep saying "and"? I have nothing else good to say.

Brr, I'm cold. Wierd. I'm in my house and it's somthing like 67 degrees in here. I REALLY shouldn't be cold. Wait-why am I talking about me being cold? You probably don't care.

I bet right now, Jacob is happy and in Krokotopia. And guess waht else??

i have nothing else to say. Bye!!

- Rylee :)

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