Friday, December 4, 2009

The Nutcracker that I just Baught is a toatal rip off

I just baught a nutcracker at a store and one of It's feet broke off. How Stupid? It's hat Cracked. It's teeth can't move, and one of his arms is falling off. Nutcrackers are cheap.

Since it is almost Christmas, I am waering My Elf hat as I speak. I mean, Who Dosn't love a cute little Elf Hat???

Nobody should. If you don't like Elf Hats, you have no Christmas Spirit, you Warthogs.

I don't get it-is "santa claus" real? I mean, How could a Really Fat Dude fit down a teeny tiny chimney?? And if he could, would't there be alot of sut??

That's another Mystery to be solved!!

- Rylee :)

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