Sunday, March 7, 2010

They are making Celestia a real world in the game??

They are?? WHAT?? I knew they would do that. And the new pet thing?? That looks fun. Imagine pets dueling pets.

Anywho, I did some editing with the pet picture thing on paint. Look at how it turned out:


I hope you like it.

L8TR. <3


  1. That is just awesome! I might even go so far as to say as good or better as Cassandra's art (don't tell her I said that, though)!

  2. You really think that?? Thank you!! I don't even know Cassandra Griffindreamer in real life, so there is no way I can tell her!!

  3. cool I'm in there :) really well done i must say :D

  4. Rylee I'm sorry about all the text chating yesterday i was trying to talk my friend out of me giving him a wild bolt card :) I did manage to convise him to drop it for a triton :D