Sunday, January 3, 2010

How do you follow someone on Blogger??


well, how??


  1. Somewhere on their site there will be a followers box, and a button that says follow. Click it.

  2. Or you can go to their blog, copy the website adress, go to blogger dashbord, and down the page a little bit will be a tab that says "blogs I'm following" if you click on the button that says "add" you can paste the web adress in there. Then you'll be following. It's kinda a long way of doing it, but that's how I do it. :)

  3. Speaking of followers...

    You see, one day I found your blog quite accidentally. It looked like nobody knew about it at all, so I put a link to your blog on my blog. That way, I could help spread the word about your blog!

    But anyway, you go to where it says FOLLOWERS, and you click the button that says FOLLOW.

  4. Im a new blogger! I would love if you guys could stop by and check it! Enjoy :)